Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moab - Jeep Safari

We went to Moab over the weekend to watch all the jeepers. We used to do the Jeep Safari when we were first married - BL had a sweet jeep. This was our first time back in 6 years... I was excited to take pics of something other than grey & white!

I LOVE taking photographs. I'm so blessed to have a man who supports me and is patient while waiting in the car with 2 sleeping kids while I stand outside for 1/2 hour taking a gazillion photos of an old fence and stops every 50 feet because something catches my eye that I HAVE to photograph!!......and who gives me "constructive critisism" so that I can become a better photographer. You rock my world!!

(She's getting so big....)

I LOVED this old fence...something about the hard work that went in to putting it there...

Rett got his own jeep - kept him entertained 99.9% of the time....