Friday, July 15, 2011

A few more....

I just couldn't resist!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Little P - sneak peek

Oh my heck - I could have kept this little one!  It almost made me wish I was having a girl - such cute little frills!!  HA HA!  She was such a little ham and had the cutest personality.  Thanks Kelsie for having me do her pics!!  She is such a doll!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sweet Triplets - sneak peek

Ashley - sneak peek

This girl is a hoot - and so is her mom!  We were sweating like pigs, but it was totally worth it.  Doesn't she look HOT?!  Lucky girl is getting married in Hawaii in just a couple of weeks!  I can't wait to shoot their reception here when they get back.