Friday, May 27, 2011

Hawaii shoot

I can't believe I haven't posted these yet... 
Our last day in Hawaii, Chris & Trista asked if I would take some pictures of their cute little family.  So, we got up super early and headed to the beach.  It was a fun little mini shoot - Kylie just wanted to get in the water and wasn't too happy when mom & dad told her no.  Ha!  I want to go back so bad....

Thanks you two for letting me take some pics of you guys!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Butch - sneak peek

I have a lot of favorite people and these guys are some of them!  Kam has always been one of my favorite cousins and now I just love his whole family.  The kids are so full of personality - this shoot was a crack up!  They were all so fun to be with.  Kam & Kellie had me laughing the whole time.

Love you guys!!

TJ & Tisha - sneak peek

You can tell these two really love each other.  I can't wait to shoot their wedding!!
Trying to get caught up on all my shoots....

Rory & Carrie - sneak peek

I fell in love with this family....aren't the kids gorgeous?!  The littlest just melted me.  Thank you so much for having me do your pics Rory!!!  You guys were awesome!

Mary - sneak peek

Ahh!  These two leave me speechless!!!  Aren't they to die for?!  My friend Mary sure makes gorgeous kids.  I just loved Miss Sadie's darling personality.  And what about Mr. B?!  I could just snuggle that kid all day.  Thank you Charlie and Mary for letting me do these pics for you!