About Amb

(pic by Angela Hill Photography)

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!!
Here's the rundown on me:

My real name is Amber, but most call me Amb.  Or Heather....
I'm just a girl trying to conquer a few dreams.
 I'm married to my best friend and a mommy to 3 kidlets. 
I love Jamba Juices (Mango A Go Go is my favorite).
I adore acoustic music.
I dream of the mountains and love pretty much anything outdoors.
I love fly fishing with my hubby and I REALLY love getting shots of him fly fishing.
In everything around me, I see a photo I want to take.
I'm a sucker for chocolate covered cinnamon bears - have mercy!
I cherish my friends and love meeting new people.

Oh and I COMPLETELY love taking pictures!!!!