Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moab Jeep Safari - 2010 edition

Every year, my hubster's family goes to Moab, UT for the Easter Jeep Safari. They've been doing this since my Mother-in-law was a little girl. It's been a fun tradition to carry on with them.

We started out the trip by watching all the "crazies" go up Potato Salad.... Here's just a portion of the's insane, but awesome!

Love this Jeep!!
Saturday was the "Jeep Parade". They close the main road for a while and everyone going on trails lines up. It's pretty dang cool. Here's my brother-in-law Dano's truck. Someone drove by us when we got on the trail and told Dano his truck was "Bad A**" - so there you have it...
This beauty used to be my Father-in-law's blue Bronco. Bry's uncle's friend (stay with me..), Bob, bought it and turned it into this sweet ride.
Brother & Sister-in-law (Colten & Carli)
I just couldn't get enough of the views....

And then I 'had' to get Rod & Stef to pose for a few. Rod might kill me for putting the last one on, but I think it's HOT! These two have a great relationship and I think these pics show it ;)

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter! Thanks for lookin'!