Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The "M" Boys (sneak peak)

My friend Sarah from high school has been asking me to do her boys pics since January - but my work schedule was just too crazy (plus it was super cold outside). Well, the weather got nice and work slowed down - so here we are. Little Zach was so shy and well, Hayden just isn't a fan of pictures. He wanted to check out the fish! Who can blame him?!

Here you go Sarah - thanks so much for asking me to do their pics. Here's a little sneak peak for ya!

Isn't he adorable? (I don't know which I like better...)


Ashley said...

Amber, these are beautiful! You did such a great job. I am sure Sarah will LOVE them. What cute boys and cute shots.

P.S. You should post about your new pics on here on your main blog so people know you have new stuff on here!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for doing my boys pics! I absolutely love them! The quality of your prints is amazing as well! Thank for making boys look so stinkin' cute!