Friday, July 10, 2009

Jackson Hole

I just got back from a week in Jackson - my favorite place. There's something about the Tetons that captivates me. I can't get enough of them (just ask Bry - I think I took over 100 pics of just the Tetons!!). My next favorite thing is the old barn on Mormon Row. (Is it weird to be in LOVE with an old barn?!) I had to take advantage of it and get some shots of my kiddos. Bryn is my little poser/model. She LOVES the camera. And Rett is.....well - all boy! I love how they turned out! I just wish I would've had more time. Our nephew Jace and my mother-in-law were with us, so I got some shots of them too.

I can't believe she' s mine - isn't she gorgeous?!
I love this one...HA HA - this shows all of their personalities to a "T"!

Bry's mom and her grandkids...

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th!



Heidi said...

Amber these are some of the best pictures you've taken I think. The one by the river/stream is my favorite! And the kids are so cute - I love the one when they're all on he fence, and the black & white one of Jace melts me.

WageGirls said...

They look GREAT! Keep it up. Very pretty scenery! kids look cute too.

Ashley said...

Your family always looks so happy up in Jackson Hole. Looks like it was another wonderful trip for you guys. I love the shots you got! Great job Amb!