Friday, November 20, 2009

Clint & Mandee Fam - sneek peak

Clint & Mandee are great friends. I've been friends with Mandee since we were in Jr. High, but have known each other since Elementary. I took their family pictures about the same time last year - you can see them here. I can't believe how much the girls have changed in a year!

Clint, thanks for being a good sport. I know how much you LOVE getting your pictures taken. ;) You're still a pain in my rear - jk
Mandee, I love ya! Thanks for being there for me through so much the past few years.



Heidi said...

SO cute - I love these! Their girls are so gorgeous! What a cute family

WageGirls said...

Sorry, I looked at the pic's a week ago. But I'm still having a hard time deciding they all look really cute. I still need to see one of Dakota. Thanks for taking them for us. You are so awesome!

Envision Image Photography said...

Love the soft color in the background on the face shots of the girls...subtle but gorgeous!