Saturday, January 22, 2011

The K Family and old friends

The beautiful girl in the first pic is my dear friend Millie (my nickname for her - I really don't know if I've ever really called her by her "real" name!)  We've been friends since Jr. High and have been through a lot together.  I still have a video she made for me for my 16th birthday - hilarious!

Anyway, I was so excited when her family asked me to do their pictures.  I haven't seen Millie for years - she and Troy live out of state.  She just had her 4th baby in October!! 

I love this family!!  Thanks for such a fun day!!!

 Aren't these 2 gorgeous?!
 And check out Miss Diva!  I love it!


Ashley said...

Amber, these are beautiful. I love your blog. It looks fantastic. "Millie", you are so stunning. You are beautiful as ever. :)

Carrie said...

I also love the K family! Awesome pics, Amber!

Angela said...

Great pictures! Keep up the good work!