Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Clint & Mandee

When I first started really wanting to take pictures of people, these 2 were really supportive and let me practice on them.  They were my first "official" photo shoot ;)  And so, this is the 3rd year I've taken their pics.  We've been friends for years (as I've posted before).  We were at each other's weddings and we were pregnant with our first babies together.  Makayla and Bryn are only 6 weeks apart.  And now, we're next door neighbors ;)  Mandee's been there for me through a lot - especially the last few months.  When I had surgery the first time, she planted my flowers, weeded my flower beds, brought us dinner, watched the kids.  Clint has even fixed a broken pipe for me while Bry was hunting (I didn't even know how to turn the water off!  ha ha).  We love you guys!  Thanks for letting me take your pics again!!
You can see last years shoot here.  And our first shoot here.

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Mandee said...

Out of the two family pic's I think I like the standing one the best. I do love the one of me and Clint in Black and White it looks awesome. The girls pic's are cute. You did an amazing job! Thanks again for taking them.